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taught to lie by Matrix Development
A Eureka Moment - graphic image by Martin Richardson of ARTMART

In the Moment

We are taught to lie

I, like many people have ideas and thoughts that pop into my head. 

I have decided to write down (the ones that are publishable and legal), so I don’t forget them and they may be of assistance to you.

From an early age, I learnt that if I did something wrong, I got punished, whether being sent to my room or loss of pocket money; there was always a price to pay. So, there should be I hear you cry, but I would like to suggest that this encourages children (me in this case) not to confess, as I might get away with it! I have and have seen others carry on the habit into adult life, finding any reason to hide the truth because when we get caught there are consequences and are rarely good. In an organisation, it happens daily, WHERE everybody and their dog get blamed when something goes wrong. The accusing of as many people as possible allows people to ‘get away’ with stuff; nobody takes the whole blame saving face and position. So here is my simple plan, I am going to try to admit when I have made a mistake and got something wrong. I am going to apologise to the people concerned and explain how I am going to put it right. When other people are in the same position, I am going to ask “What do you need to do to correct this? How can I help?” It is far more difficult to be angry with someone who admits they were wrong and tries to put things right (as long as it’s not too often) than someone who denies, avoids taking responsibility for what they have done. Wish me luck!

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