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The Mechanics of Persuasion in Life


Persuasiveness is one of the greatly prized skills in today’s world, whether in business or socially our ability to influence other around to our way of thinking often is the determining factor as to whether we are a success or not.  However persuasion is seen as one of those natural gifts that people gain through their genetic makeup, this workshop will set out:

– How humans develop their choice strategies
– The inbuilt biases in all humans that significantly influence our decision-making ability
– The rules that apply to persuasion

How to apply choice architecture to improve our ability to persuade.

Human Bias

Understanding and embracing the Homer in all of us allows us then to look at the seven human biases that greatly influence the way in which we make choice about most of the things we do in our business and social lives.

The seven biases are:




Gains and Losses



Status Quo

Persuasion Rules

Having understood how and why we make the decisions we do and how we can improve our decision-making skills, the persuasion rules allow people to ensure they are making the best use of the tools they have available to them when it comes to winning people around to their argument the rules are:








Social Proof

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