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Sales Training from Matrix Development
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Sales Training


Proper sales training is the development of excellent communication skills and the ability to build rapport and relationships with customers.  Done well, it develops loyalty in the people who would buy your services. Proper sales training relies on the values and integrity of a business to ensure that the products or services you offer put in the best light for those who might want or need to buy them.

Wherever and whatever you are selling there are always opportunities to increase skill and knowledge levels and as reinforce belief in personal ability and develop excellent sales habits.

Managing salespeople requires the skills of a leader, coach and mentor rolled into one.  Regardless of the environment in which a sale takes place (one to one or call centre) the selling is a lonely place.  Salespeople need managers who can flex their leadership style to meet needs more so than most management roles.

Developing great sales managers will mean that the organisation is investing in its future profitability by maximising sales performance in the present and growing potential for the future.

Tele-sales done well requires people to think outside the box and approach the process from a different place.  If your people are operating purely from a script or micromanaged, then the chances are they and you are not achieving your potential.  Not only might this require a new approach, but it might need a new culture within your business hit the targets you desire.

Our thoughts…

So many salespeople today are thrown in the deep end with little or no idea of the skills required to be successful in this role, in fact, many people, if asked, would honestly tell you that they dont sell but offer customer service.

Unfortunately, sales have managed to get itself a bit of a bad reputation over the years (and with some justification) much of this reputation, however, has come not from highly trained and skilled salespeople but from poorly trained and managed salespeople.

How many people have suffered at the hands of the salesperson who calls at your house and almost the only way to get them out is to throw them out physically? It is not the behaviour of a highly skilled professional but the actions of a misguided individual.

The reverse is of course also true the person who doesnt know the first thing about their product and clearly from the behaviour does not even believe in the product they are trying to persuade you to buy.

There is a tiny minority of people who are naturally good salespeople, who have developed the interpersonal skills (although these people often overplay them and can be manipulative) and necessary structures to be successful salespeople.


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