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Negotiation Skills, just one of the learning and development courses available from Matrix Development - Graphic by Martin Richardson


When it comes to running an effective negotiation, there are numerous things that people need to bear in mind to be successful. There isn’t a one size fits all solution, and it is up to the individual to craft an approach, tailored to suit their personality, the environment in which they work and the people they are negotiating. There are two clear elements to learning how to improve your negotiations skills the structure and the emotion of running an effective negotiation. It is important to remember that the most critical element of any negotiation is the emotions involved in it, control those and you control the conversation. When it comes to emotions, the approaches that you would often think are the most effective allow you to avoid dealing with the real issues and resolving the situation in the way you want or need to.

The structure of negotiation is simple, preparation of outcomes, questions, answers to objections and the range in which you want to operate as well as what to do when you don’t want to talk about price, how to recognise and deal with tactics used to put you off your stride.  Understand what role you will be playing during the negotiation and of what you need to be aware of.

Good negotiators always prepare, and they will still pay particular interest to the emotions involved (on both sides)

Developing and understanding a process will help anyone to improve their outcomes within a negotiation. However, the key to becoming an expert is not the process or the models but being able to identify and use the emotions in the room to achieve the outcome.  In this area deals are made and lost, often what people think is the right thing to do is the complete opposite.
Learn why it is better to have someone saying NO as part of the negotiation process.
It can be an advantage to flag up all the issues of concern to the other party.
Why often the most important thing to discover is usually nothing to do with the problem.

Our thoughts…

The latest research in this area shows that it is merely the complex interaction that people can have and that mastering both the process and the emotions involved (both conscious and unconscious) will pay real dividends.  People can get results they would never believe possible by rethinking their approach to negotiation and understanding what is happening during their interaction with others.


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