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Learning is a continuous process, and people are doing it automatically, both the positive and negative.  Every business would want the people who work for them to pick up positive habits, whether when dealing with customers or colleagues, operating internal processes or leading others.  An overlooked foundation of this process is learning and development that supports the positive habits needs and reduces the negative ones.

One of the grand statements made by a business to both attract and retain people is that they are a ‘learning organisation’ only for the reality to be that the learning is within a very confined field with minimal channels of delivery, based on cost rather than effectiveness.   

As a business, the choice is an internal team that provides positive reinforcement of your business or to partner with another company who gets what it is you are trying to do.

The development of your internal team – learning & development is like any other profession it requires formal input as well as a chance to put this learning into practice.  The critical skill of any internal L&D professional is the ability to carry out a useful training needs analysis (TNA) get this right. The training that follows will have a good chance of hitting the requirements of the organisation, get it wrong, rush it or accept the line managers assessment on face value and you are leaving the impact to chance.  

TNA’s should not only be one person’s opinion of what needs to happen, and it will rarely only be a training intervention to resolve the issue.

Working with partners – if the businesses you choose don’t ask or want to know about you business then expect to get a generic product that will have a good idea, but that doesn’t get your company.  We want to learn about who you are, what you want and why you do what you do.

Building internal Resource – There are no silver bullets no single way of doing anything, the role of the learning and development team is to help people find the right direction for each individual not merely quote a ‘single truth’. 

When people get this, step back and watch them take your people to the next level, whether on the front line or leading the business.

Our thoughts…

It never ceases to amaze us that people assume because of their role within an organisation they can ‘train’.  Of course, people need to know what to do, they need this foundation, and this is instruction.  Give five people the same guidance and watch five different responses to that instruction.

If you are investing money into the development of your people, ask the question, how is this making things better?

– Things that are measured

– Things observed

– Things felt

– Things heard


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