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Matrix Development

“Training and development solutions are as individual as the organisation and the people who work for them.”

However, the general principles and components that make up the intervention can in the main be taken from the established material.

Amelia Earhart - graphic by Martin Richardson of ART MART

Matrix Leadership

Successful Organisations have invested heavily in Leadership Programmes with the focus and importance being placed on an individuals’ ability to demonstrate the clearly defined competencies of this role. Leaders are required now more than ever to navigate through this new paradigm and successful organisations

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But is this the whole picture?

The latest research suggests that business has ignored the value of followership from their competence framework. Matrix Development has an innovative and thought-provoking approach to this area, which will add real value to any business looking to increase its overall effectiveness and performance.

Rubik graphic drawn by Martin Richardson - Matrix Development (Human Resources) Ltd

Matrix Coaching

It is very easy for coaching to end up at one of two extremes; completely controlled by process and plans or something resembling therapy. The middle course is a difficult one to steer but with a track record of success within very challenging environments, our coaches have proved that they add real value to successful businesses at all levels.

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Henry Ford - Followership by ARTMART

Matrix Followership

Changing focus from the development of effective leaders to the creation of committed followers asks some interesting questions about both the style of leadership and existing to new policies within the business.

Businesses that have reviewed these in order of the importance of followership have found ways of producing significant improvements.

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On balance we probably attend more poor presentations than we do good ones. It is a missed opportunity because, with a little practice and preparation, most of us can deliver something that is highly competent and therefore significantly better than what most of us have or will experience.

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A Eureka Moment - graphic image by Martin Richardson of ARTMART

"In the Moment" series

A collection of muses and ramblings of the day by Barry Richardson – MD of Matrix Development.

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