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Leadership and Motivation

All organisations’ realise the importance of leadership in helping their business to achieve the goals it has set.  The correct leadership culture needs to be created and demonstrated from the most senior levels of the organisation down. We look to establish what your business would like this to look like and how it currently looks before designing a programme that applies to your needs.

What would the people in your business say about your leaders and what does that say about the future of your business?

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Leadership in the current environment

Right now… are your leaders ready for the challenges that face them in the short to medium term?

Prepared to manage the uncertainty of the situation and communicate effectively in uncertain times?

There are no doubts some challenging decisions have to be made by all successful businesses. How these are made and communicated will impact not only on the financial costs but also the morale and well-being of the people who are going to take your business forward.

Matrix Development (Human Resources) Ltd. Graphic created by Martin Richardson

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Followership Development Programme

Using the latest research and thoughts we have developed a thought-provoking programme to challenge the current paradigms and around the importance of leadership and followership within businesses today.

The ability to demonstrate true Followership will bring a business real benefit when it comes to implementing true change, creating innovation, hitting targets and achieving deadlines.

How might a greater understanding of true followership help your business achieve its goals?

Our thoughts…

In many businesses, today leadership is seen as a right of managers, an assumption that because in the organisational structure I am more senior to you I am therefore your leader. The truth, however, is very different, the individuals’ position within the organisational structure gives them the authority to manage the people who work below them in this structure it does not, however, give them the ability or authority to lead those people, this can only be given by each and every one of the individuals’ that report into them.

Leadership cannot, therefore, be imposed (management can) it has to be a choice made by members of the team, potential leaders, therefore, have to become more aware of followership, what is it that is going to make someone make the decision to follow me?

There is, of course, no one simple answer to the question ‘so how do I successfully apply for the role of leader of this team now that I have been appointed manager?’ But a good starting point is this question.

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