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Does your handle have a suitcase by Matrix Development
A Eureka Moment by Martin Richardson of ARTMART

In the Moment

Does your handle have a suitcase?  

I, like many people have ideas and thoughts that pop into my head. 

I have decided to write down (the ones that are publishable and legal), so I don’t forget them and they may be of assistance to you.

Creativity, inc. by Ed Catmull

So recently I have been listening to ‘Creativity, Inc.’ (I love audiobooks) by Ed Catmull – former head of Pixar and Disney Animation, and this is one of the things that stood out for him. 

For years now, I have been involved in Strategic workshops and discussions and seen my fair share of Vision, Mission and Value Statements.  I have seen statements made about the importance of how people behave within a business, only to find that in a lot of cases this is only adhered to when it suits the individual (the more senior the person, the more this is the case).

So does your handle have a suitcase? 

So you have the typical corporate statements about people’s behaviours and performance, The Handle, does it feel light when you pick it up and use it? If it has no weight, then the chances are there is nothing behind it, nothing that makes it bite or push people towards achieving its lofty goal.   

I am currently checking all my handles for suitcases and some I have picked up without making sure the suitcase was still attached. 

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