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Creativity and Problem Solving


Every organisation, team and individual needs and would want to have excellent creativity and problem-solving skills.  The common mistake people make is the belief this is a gift and not a learnable skill; this is wrong. Everyone can learn to be more creative and solve problems more effectively.

Let’s start with the truth about the processes involved here; people have to accept that it is emotionally driven.  Your emotional state and buy-in will significantly influence your ability to be creative, both positively and negatively.  Understanding your emotional state, moment to moment will allow you to know how well you are doing when it comes to both of these key skills within a business.

Generating ideas and solutions requires us to ask different questions and to let go of the things we cannot control.  The problem’s often come with the following question “Why did this happen?”  And may lead to the identification of ‘who’ is to blame, but will very rarely lead to solutions.

Having identified a problem people will need to come up with solutions that might fit this, using a variety of tools and methods (Brain Storming, SWOT etc.) but this has missed out on the stage between the problem and the possible solutions.  If you want to know what that is talk to us.

Our thoughts…

Ever been in a situation where the ideas you are getting are the ones you could have predicted before even asking?

To be creative, you have to do things outside the norm and challenge everything that is said and done with a ‘child-like’ curiosity, without filters and learned behaviours. 

Corporate structures and hierarchies don’t allow this to happen. A job title does not give you all the creativity or the ability to solve all problems; it just gives you the power to push your ideas through as ‘the best way of doing things.’


Talk to us if you know you want to try something different.


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