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Matrix Development
Human Development by Martin Richardson - Matrix Development (Human Resources) Ltd

Matrix Development – devoted to training

All organisations know about the importance of the development of their people in order to deliver the bottom line. At Matrix, we believe that the cost of this development shouldn’t be so restrictive as to make it impossible for the business to afford the development its people. We are therefore proud to announce that the only cost you will be paying for is the trainer(s). You will be not be paying for sales, marketing or administration teams. So if you are looking for highly effective training and development solutions delivered by people who have dedicated themselves to this end you have found the right company.


Working in Partnership with you, we can deliver the quality and return on investment you would expect.  With this in mind, we offer a free* six-week coaching service with all our programmes that help support the implementation of learning at the most important stage, back in the job.

*The coaching service is offered over the telephone and by email. Any pre-booked or face to face coaching may attract additional costs.

Matrix Vision and Values



To develop long-term partnerships with other highly successful organisations’ and deliver high-quality cost-effective training that improves the bottom line.  

Value for Money

  • Honest Professional Opinion
  • Partnership
  • Practice what we preach
  • Enjoyment and Fun
  • Chasing Change
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Here are just some of the Companies we have worked with over the years.