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Coaching with Impact

Soft skills on the job coaching are often seen as a white collar activity with very few organisations looking at bringing this into the blue collar environment.  Working with first and second line managers within a heavy engineering environment within a large and successful company proved to be highly successful with business committing to a long-term programme of coaching for its line management team.

Business and Executive Coaching from Matrix Development

A Coaching Model

A major financial institution was taking part of its business through change towards becoming more sales focused business. It had introduced relevant Key Performance Indicators and set up reward and recognition schemes to encourage its people to pick up more sales opportunities. The results, however, were still not at the level expected and the business recognised that there were still opportunities that were being missed.

The role of the Sales Managers came into focus and in particular their roles as a coach. The business had got coaching models but a culture of getting the individual to identify and develop a solution that had grown had become ‘the only way’. Whilst it is always good for anyone to identify and solve their own problems there are occasions when that individual simply doesn’t know how to solve a problem.
We, therefore, approached the problem with three clear objectives –

  • Clearly, help an individual identify the area that if improved would give the biggest return if improved.
  • Help the individual identify what was in it for them.
  • Establish what the most appropriate coaching style was to support the individual going through the change.


The model we introduced encouraged managers to investigate with the individual what particular coaching style best suited their need for that situation. The programme eventually was rolled out nationally and internationally and developed further modules to help the performance coaches to use language structure to assist the coaching process.

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