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Change Management


Soft skills on job coaching are a professional activity with very few organisations looking at bringing this into the blue-collar environment.  Working with first and second-line managers within a dense engineering environment within a large and successful company proved to be highly successful with business committing to a long-term programme of coaching for its line management team.

Managing change personally from a personal perspective is about having control of what you have to do.  Often people find the most stressful part of any change is not having any control.  In organisations, this lack of control leads to drops in performance, increasing sickness rates and more resignations.  Control means asking yourself ‘What’ questions rather than ‘Why’ questions, this will give you back more control and allow you to take back control of what happens to you, if not what happens elsewhere.

Leading people through change starts with ‘Why’ and not with ‘What’. If you are going to get people to buy into a change on an emotional level then you have to be able to give the direction, vision, purpose and the choice as to whether they want to be part of it or not.  Pushing people into a change, they see no reason for or why will result in all the classic signs of change (performance drop, sickness and resignations). Allowing people to walk with, you will have the opposite effect.

Our thoughts…

Every one of us has multiple changes happening in our lives all the time, some are perceptible, and some aren’t.  It isn’t going to change because life is change.  Often people can become more comfortable with change by slowing down their thinking and reflecting on what is happening and what their reactions are to it. 

“Why is this happening to me?” – is not a rabbit hole anyone should go down

“What is happening to me?” – allows the person to describe it, label it and take back some if not all, control.

“What am I going to do?” – give back a choice (always have more than two answers to this question before you make your choice).


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