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Change - by Matrix Development
A Eureka Moment by Martin Richardson of ARTMART

In the Moment

Change and Randomness

I, like many people have ideas and thoughts that pop into my head. 

I have decided to write down (the ones that are publishable and legal), so I don’t forget them and they may be of assistance to you.

I have, for many years, look at change management and how to take people through change, using strong rational models and stages that people go through on their journey through change.  There are some great models to help with change and give people some intellectually satisfying ways of coping with new and moving situations.  

However, this is planned change, the stuff we know and to a certain extent can control.  There are yet more things at play than this many more (millions more) there are all the random things that happen that influence us on a minute by minute basis. Something that you don’t even know whether they do or don’t impact on your life in significant and insignificant ways those ‘sliding door moments’.   

We like to think we are in control and it is always good to have a direction in which we want to go. Still, it is worthwhile to remember that life is a fast-flowing river, and it is the current that controls your path, you can influence your direction, but the river has the ultimate control.  

Learn to accept and where possible embrace randomness because it will sometimes offer you opportunities as well as barriers.  

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