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Business as Usual 1


Does the world change? 

Decision making cogs

The world has changed, how we decide to embrace that change will dictate our success now and in the future. 

How many of you have a piece of tech that isn’t quite cutting it? 

A few years ago it was fast and could take all the new applications and programs, but now because the world has moved on it is slower and doesn’t really work with the latest software. You have muddled through with it because the cost of replacing it was prohibitive and the inconvenience of having to stop what you doing just seems like too much hard work and you will get round to it at some point. If you can’t relate to this your personal life, I am guessing you can in your business life. 

You probably took one of the following courses of action: 

1. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
You soldiered on with an ineffective and time consuming process pushing it to do things it was never designed to do. Until one day, it just stopped working and then you had to dash out and buy something.
2. Bright shiny and new
You always have the latest version of whatever is available, with the justification that you will always be able to have the latest, even though often the latest new thing doesn’t really make life any better, other than bragging rights!
3. Planned Evolution
You have a clear plan and review process that allows you to assess all options and know when it is time to upgrade or renew hardware or software in line with your business need. Now apply these things outside tie world of tech and into the world of relationships and business. I am sure there are people in the world who practise number three, however, I am guessing that most of us (definitely me) fit somewhere between number one and number two and can definitely identify things in their lives that fit clearly in the first or second category.

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Sticking to our default process can often mean we miss the opportunity to make the best decision possible.

“even though often the latest new thing doesn’t really make life any better, other than bragging rights!” 

virus graphic

Covid-19 and the decisions that have been taken to deal with it throughout the world, reset the way in which we operate in the future.

During this unique time in our history there is the time and opportunity to think through the our approach to change and evolution and put ourselves on the front foot, but only, may I suggest if we start to look now at our own hardware and software first. I am not giving us the excuse to dash out and buy latest TV or Laptop but to think about the wider aspects of our lives (nor am I saying you shouldn’t). The system has been shut down, it is working in safe mode not fully operational. When it is fired back up, do we still want it to be running on the same hardware, using the same operating system and running the same programmes? 

The world has changed, right now it is not the same place and the people, businesses and governments that get this first will be the winners as the world begins to REBOOT. There are organisations that have showed their true colours during this time, running old programmes for new problems, or playing I’m all right jack F**k You policy. Will these organisations come out of this in good shape for the future? Or does the public have a long memory? Let’s consider where we were 12 months ago, and the topic of the day then Brexit. Think about how that worked and how everything was split down the leaver or remainer lines. Does this rhetoric work now? Or does either of these mindsets sound slightly small minded? Now is the time for people to think what sort of country they want to REBOOT in to and where the hardware needs changing, updating the operating system and installing new applications where needed, uninstalling those that are no longer fit for purpose. Can I suggest that we have to do this now, because if we wait the system will have REBOOTED with the same fundamental hardware and software in place. 

Starting with yourself

Defining what I mean

Physical Things including people. Behavioural traits (some of these are hard-wired into people).

Operating Systems:

Routines, Rituals, Processes, Policies, Structures, Habits.

Relationships, Strategies, Aims, Goals, Tactics.

Business as Usual 2

2020 will need to be rebooted, the question is how well will you do this?

Personal Reboot


Start with you; which bit or hardware are fit for purpose, need updating or need removing (literally or metaphorically). I always like Stephen Covey’s version of this in Seven Habits, you need to ‘Sharpen the Saw’.


– are you happy with the things you can control? Diet, Exercise and Rest.


– are you happy that you are developing the big muscle that sits between your ears?


– are you happy that the things you say to yourself at helping you to be where you want to be?


– are you happy that the people around you are supporting you in the way you need to achieve what you want?


– are you happy that you are in the main living to your values and beliefs?

Operating Systems

You may be able to up grade or remove some of your hardware by renting your operating system (great advantage humans have over electronics).

  • Routines
  • Rituals
  • Processes
  • Habits

These are a pretty good place to start but don’t let my narrow mindedness stop you exploring other operating system issues.


As with the OS you may well find reviewing your applications will update the rest of the system. Because of what I do I have some really interesting thoughts about how you could go about all of this, but try using some of your time to think it through and if you want to do more let me know.

Business Reboots

We may not be ready or need to reboot our home lives but I wonder: How many of us would like to reboot our work lives? To make it better, to improve it?

Give yourself sometime now to think about the Hardware, OS and applications in your business (as defined above) and ask the question: When we restart our business in the new world is it going to be the best, hardware, operating system and applications for the organisation to be a successful as it could, should or needs to be?

Because of what I do and who I am always happy to discuss this with you and having given it some thought myself have some ideas on how this might be done in a way that encourages a new and better normal rather than a simple continuation of the old ways of doing things.

If you would like to talk to us about this please use the details below.

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