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Coaching with Impact


Coaching is the most important thing for any leader to take on because leadership is about getting things done through the effort of others.  How many leaders have the mindset that an integral part of their role is to helps others get better at their position or prepare them to take over the leaders role when they move on?

The first thing any new leader should do is find their successor, and if they are no clear candidates, then they should be coaching potential candidates for the role.  Developing a coaching culture within a business, where everyone can, to a greater or lesser extent coach others, will have a profound impact on the performance of any business.

Coaching is not just a model or a process; it is so much more it is a state of mind; built into the very fabric of the business (or isn’t).  If you recognise that coaching and the development of coaches within your business is a ‘no brainer’ but don’t know where to start.  Have had the usual workshop on coaching contracts, GROW and objective setting, this is not the coaching skill box ticked you missed the coaching box by some considerable distance! 

The best coaches are not the best at doing the job; they are the best at coaching the job, and that is a very different skill set.  It is also true you can’t coach people who won’t be coached, people have to want to be coached and be happy with the person coaching them, this is true for everyone.

Only with the right mix of intent, beliefs and skills will you find the right coach for a given situation, we can help you find these things and develop them in people. 

Executive-coaching should always be about specific areas that the executive has identified themselves or has accepted that (following feedback) they need to do more.  It may not mean the need for a person to coach them, in some cases the best course of action is self-coaching, giving people the tools to work out for themselves what they are doing and how they might do it better. 

Of course, self-coaching is only one answer; there is a range of options that might be appropriate, which would include a traditional executive coach but with a content-free approach.

Our thoughts…

The famous quote:

“If you want to feed a person today give them a fish – If you want to feed them forever, give them a fishing rod.”  (source unclear)

Coaching your people and your people coaching others delivers the ability for the company to ‘feed’ itself forever and ensures a growth mindset within your business.

One of the techniques we teach to people is how to run a coaching session in 15 minutes, giving the leaders a tool that can provide excellent results for everyone involved.  By asking the right question(s), change can occur in an instant.


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