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Assessment and Development Centres


Businesses often underestimate the total cost of recruiting people into their business if that person then subsequently leaves within the first two years, usually this will be a loss in capital to the company.  Reducing the chances of making a poor decision for the business and the individual will have a direct impact on the profit of any business. Assessment centres and development centres offer a great return on investment, significantly reducing the chances of recruiting the wrong people for roles at any level.  The caveat to this is that the need to make sure there is absolute clarity about what it is the organisation is looking for. We can help providing experts in role profiling, competency modelling and job evaluation. 

Once people are on board the ability to identify and then develop individuals for the current and future roles, will again save cost in the long run and allow the business to develop the talent it needs within the company.

Running professional assessment and development centres sends some very clear message to your existing and potential employees, showing that you take the knowledge, attitudes skills and habits required by you in the business seriously. That you are willing to invest in them to deliver the performance you need


Using an extensive tool kit and years of experience, we will be able to build and valid assessment process from the ground up for any role you need from entry-level to senior level within your business.

Also, our promise is: the people putting together the event will be running the centre.

Do you need:

– Competence Models

– Interview Questions

– Psychometrics

– Personality Questionnaires

– In-Tray Exercises

– Group Exercises



Using similar tools but with ongoing feedback and coaching, when targeted correctly, development centres will answer the questions asked by a succession plan.  Our Development centres challenge participants and give full and honest feedback along with robust plans for development in the future, so your business can grow your own.
In addition to running the centres we can offer support in upskilling your own internal coaches or matching your people to skilled and experienced external coaches.

Our thoughts…

Selection and development of people are one of the most important things your business can do to grow your bottom line.  If companies sit down and calculate exactly how much money it takes to bring someone in and get them up to speed, we are pretty sure; when they do make a job offer, they have a greater than 90% chance of getting it right.

‘Creativity Inc’ by Ed Catmull former head of Pixar and Disney Animation, and this is one of the things that stood out for him.

So, what the most critical element in business, good people or good ideas, if you had to choose one? 

The answer is, and it is the only answer – Good People all day every day. 

Give mediocre people a great idea, and what will they do?

They will take the approach and make it average.

Give great people a mediocre idea, and what will they do?

They will make the idea great or

They will decide it is not good enough and come up with a better idea.

Give great people a great idea and step back and watch the amazing happen. 

Making sure you have the right people and that you develop them in the right way will be the single most important factor in the success of your business both in the short, medium and long term. 


Talk to us if you know you want to try something different.


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