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Able has three children by Matrix Development
A Eureka Moment - graphic image by Martin Richardson of ARTMART

In the Moment

Able has three children that impact on others

I, like many people have ideas and thoughts that pop into my head. 

I have decided to write down (the ones that are publishable and legal), so I don’t forget them and they may be of assistance to you.

Able has three children, and they each have different behaviours that impact on how others behave. Over recent months I have started to understand my impact on others through my responses, feelings, beliefs and thoughts.

Unable – persuades me it is pointless people trying to do it, as they will be utterly unable to deliver on any promises made to the level or standard I want. It allows me to discount even considering others for things because “They will be unable to do it.”

Disable – lets me focus on the difference between other and what I perceive to be healthy, lowering my expectations and support or increasing support to such a level that the person doing the task gets nothing from it as they have followed step by step instructions.

Enable – shows me the options and opportunities to achieve through others.

Enable  looks for the positive and innovative; it asks questions and challenges me to be more than I am.

Which of Able’s children will I use next?

Which of Able’s children do I use on other people?

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