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Sales Training and the Management of Sales

Sales Training and the Management of Sales from Matrix Development
Camel train in the desert - selling sand to the Arabs

"He can sell sand to the Arabs" or can he?

There are a number of sales people out there who think they are ‘top salesmen’ but are they really. Are there also people in the job market who are born with natural sales abilities. Salespeople who can sell anything to anyone, are unique individuals who have a special talent. They are as rare as hen’s teeth. That said, it is not impossible to develop a successful sales team with the right coaching and development. This is where Matrix Development can help.

Sales training


Many people are thrown into selling with a sink or swim mentality and yet with a little investment in the development of the person the success rate can significantly increase sales. Even successful salespeople will benefit from revisiting basics and adding to their skill set with new information about how to improve their ability to communicate with others.
Sales training from Matrix Development
Call centre - sales and sales training from Matrix Development

Telesales training


A large insurer was looking to improve the sales of its team within a new telesales environment, whilst the people were able to ‘process’ enquiries from the public they not as successful in up-selling or cross-selling products. The programme involved not only helping with telesales skills but also an understanding of the types of buying strategies people use when making a purchase and how to ensure that you are able to match this.

Sales management


Sales Managers are constantly challenged with the need to add variety to what they do. A major High Street bank wanted help with this and our programme involved giving the managers a toolkit that helped them keep their teams focused on the objective whilst giving the manager added variety as to how this was achieved.
Sales management training from Matrix Development

“Selling is one of the most complex human interactions there is.”

So why would you go into such a situation under-prepared?

Our thoughts…

So many salespeople today are thrown in the deep-end with little or no idea of the skills required to be successful in this role, in fact, many people if asked would honestly tell you that they, in fact, don’t sell but offer customer service.

Unfortunately, sales have managed to get itself a bit of a bad reputation over the years (and with some justification) much of this reputation, however, has come not from highly trained and skilled salespeople but from poorly trained and managed salespeople.

How many people have suffered at the hands of the salesperson who calls at your house and almost the only way to get them out is to physically throw them out? This is not the behaviour of a highly skilled professional but the actions of a misguided individual.

The reverse is of course also true the person who doesn’t know the first thing about their product and clearly from the behaviour does not even believe in the product they are trying to persuade you to buy.

There is a very small minority of people who are naturally good salespeople, who have developed the interpersonal skills (although these people often overplay them and can be manipulative) and necessary structures to be successful salespeople. For the vast majority of us, however, we do need some help in the direction in how to become successful.

Would you like to know more?

The following are areas in which we currently have specialists working. Other areas of learning and development are available upon request. For further details please click here.

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